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Recital REVIEWs


NEW YORK CITY  "William Albright's six short pieces in Vol. II of his Organbook III are highly picturesque, sometimes amusing, sometimes gripping, and they found an altogether sympathetic performer in Mr. Ritchie....He is an assured and authoritative performer, with no technical problems."

The New York Times


"Dr. Ritchie's skillful and thoughtful display of 'Italian Elegance and German Virtuosity’ … successfully explored the artistic application of recent Bach research toward the achievement of suitable registrations, fitting articulation, marvelously expressive free ornamentation, and a vital motoric rhythm. In the "Wedge," the artist realized the promised virtuosity in an expert and intensely dramatic manner.”

The American Organist


KANSAS CITY  "George Ritchie presented a model organ recital on the RLDS Auditorium's 109-rank Aeolian Skinner. … Tasteful registration and clean execution were the order of the day."

Kansas City Star



The Houston Post


PLAINFIELD  "There was an immediacy of communication in his performance that consistently arrested the listener's attention. This with his technical mastery and exceptional musical taste made the recital an outstanding event."

The Courier News


COLORADO SPRINGS  "Nova by Myron Roberts exploded in the nave of the church....A strong and powerful performance of the Six-Voice Ricercar from the Musical Offering followed.  Ritchie returned to the 20th century with a brilliant performance of Iain Hamilton's Threnos.  Reger's Fantasie and Fugue in D minor provided a marvelous transition from the Hamilton composition. … The well-defined phrasing of the fugue revealed the work in a magnificent way, as did the registration."



BIRMINGHAM  "Bach's moods were handsomely displayed … by the skill-laden George Ritchie."

The Birmingham News




Recording REVIEWs


J.S. Bach Organ Works Complete

“George Ritchie turns in benchmark performances that are consistently at the highest level of musicianship, artistry, attention to contemporary and historical scholarship, intelligence, imagination, sensitivity to text relationships, phrasing, registration, and other details, high virtuosity, and exquisite elegance….The performances are a compelling testimonial to the current research, scholarship, and thinking regarding Bach performance practices.”

                                                                                                The American Organist


Bach Organ Works

"Performance: Magnificent. Recording: Superb" "This recording is magnificent in every way. … George Ritchie is an organist who is thoroughly conversant with Baroque performance practice and understands subtleties of temporal expression, using them to impart urgency to the music. Don't miss this one."

Stereo Review


"George Ritchie demonstrates on this disc why he has become one of America's most respected players and teachers. His formidable technique, delightful imagination, informed sense of style, and sure taste are in evidence throughout this program.  Ritchie combines intense yet controlled energy, perfection of touch and articulation, and total mastery of Baroque performance styles as we know them. He thereby infuses these all too familiar pieces with excitement and freshness, a monumental accomplishment indeed."

The Tracker:  The Journal of the Organ Historical Society


Organ Works, Vol. 1: German Virtuosity and Italian Elegance

"Dr. Ritchie possesses a flawless technique that neither draws attention to itself, nor detracts from the music in any way; his playing always sounds effortless"

The Diapason


Organ Works, Vol. 2: Leipzig Mastery

"This two-disc set....embraces Bach's major organ output from the Leipzig years, lovingly and convincingly played by one of America's finest Bach players.  Rhythmic propulsion is balanced by relaxed linear flow, textures are articulate without being choppy, and registrations are unfailingly appropriate.  In the final analysis, Dr. Ritchie always brings out the inherent musical characteristics of each work."

The American Organist


“….he plays them (chorales) with an unaffected and appealing directness.  This is playing of the first order. Enthusiastically recommended.”

The Diapason


Organ Works, Vol. 3: For Music Lovers and Connoisseurs

“This is certainly the finest Bach performance I have heard in a long while and it will be taking pride of place on my shelves. … George Ritchie plays with great maturity and his interpretations of the complete Clavierübung Part III is sensitive and enlightening … This is Volume III of a yet to be finished complete set and once the remaining volumes are released I know that all other discs of Bach in my collection will be obsolete.”

The Organ

Organ Works, Vol. 4:  Foreign Influences

“These performances are ripe with a depth of scholarship, musicality, and knowledge, traits consistent with Ritchie’s research and writing on interpretation and technique.”

The American Organist



Organ Works, Vol. 5: Orgelbüehlein Plus

“Opening this magnificent volume can be likened to opening a gift of superior confections…It should be in any serious organist’s library and should be reached for frequently.”

The American Organist


New Music for Organ & Percussion

"Good sound is one thing, good music another, their rare convergence another again, and reason to cheer. I recommend this disc to the skies on both aesthetic and thrill-seeking grounds."



New Music for Organ & Percussion

"The organist's virtuosic. Organist Ritchie is more than up to the task...his performance is memorable.  He never fails to hit the musical mark."

Percussive Notes


Four New American Organs by Bedient

“....the performing skills of a musicianly and eclectic organist with an all-too-rare ‘natural’ sense of line and phrase”